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Steps to cancel Stockx order

Stockx is an online store where you can bid live on quality and authenticated sneakers and other items or by using the buy now option to purchase the item right away. But what if you change your mind after placing your order? Here’s how to cancel Stockx order.

In this post, we will look at the Stockx policy on cancelling an order, the steps you need to take and how you can overcome some of the hurdles associated with trying to cancel an order on StockX.

How to cancel Stockx order

As a matter of policy, Stockx doesn’t tolerate cancellations after an order has been placed. According to the company, this policy is to ensure integrity and dependability in the marketplace while also avoiding unreal and inactive bids that disrupts business.

Without this policy, anybody could just bid any outrageous amount which will certainly win, knowing very well they don’t intend to go ahead with the purchase.

Looking at how Stockx operates, it is actually prudent to have such a measure. But all hope is not lost, there several ways you can use to either get Stockx to cancel order or get your money back. Keep reading to know more.


What are the alternatives to cancel Stockx order?

To every rule there are exceptions. While there may not be a direct way on how to cancel stockx order, there are ways to get around the barrier. The following are things you can do:

1. Contact support

The first thing you can do on how to cancel Stockx order is to reach out to Stockx support team. You should have very good reason for wanting to cancel an order. You can send a message to them through email or go to twitter and message them.

The message should include the order identification details and a comprehensive explanation of the valid reasons why you want to cancel Stockx order. While there is no assurance that you will get a reply, there is a chance that Stockx will reach out if they find your reasons to be fundamentally valid.

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In situations where the order is delayed or seller failing to send the item, you can reach out to the support team to cancel Stockx order. Most likely, they will follow through with your request and also apply penalties to the seller or even suspend their account.

Below are the ways to contact Stockx to cancel your order.

  • Email: support@stockx.com
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/stockx

Cancel stockx order

2. Resell the item

The alternative to canceling Stockx order, is to wait, receive the item and resell it. You can get back your money, maybe more. Because Stockx authenticates that every item reaching you is original, you’re almost guaranteed to break even or make profits if you resell the item.

Your options of reselling isn’t limited to Stockx. You can sell on other websites such as Ebay, Offerup, and other websites that allow individual listing. Listing your item for sale on Stockx is easy and quite straightforward.

How to sell on Stockx

How to sell on Stockx

Selling an item on StockX involves three steps, which starts with you listing the item and ends with getting paid. The following is how to sell on Stockx.

1. Place An Ask Or Sell Now

This is where you list your sneaker or item on the Stockx website. A seller has the option of listing the item for bidding or a sell now price. No pictures or descriptions are required. Just choose from the extensive catalogue of items in the Stockx listing page and your item will be live on the storefront in no time.

2. Ship Your Sold Item To Stockx

Once you have a winning bid or a buy now purchase, you have to ship the item to Stockx. This process is essential in how Stockx works. It allows the team to authenticate the quality of the item.

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3. Get paid

Once authentication is successful, you get paid and the item is forwarded to the buyer.

How does bidding work on Stockx

Bidding on the Stockx website is one of the methods sellers can sell their items by allowing potential buyers to bid live on the item. This method allows for demand for the item to determine the market price, which sometimes can be beneficial to the seller. Bidding on Stockx works in the following ways.

1. Bidding

As a buyer, your bid signifies your intention to buy. Your bid as well as those of others can be found on the product page of the item, arranged from the highest to the lowest bid.

Buyers also have the option of selecting the number of days after which their bid expires. Buyers whose bids are about expiring receives an email from Stockx to either extend the bid validity period or cancel it.

2. Winning Bid

If you are the one with the highest bid, any seller who has an Ask that is a match to yours will result in an automatic sale to you. If someone puts in an even higher price than you, that’s no cause for alarm. 

If their bid, which now becomes the highest bid, matches an ask, then they’ll be deemed to have won and be given the item. However, your bid remains in effect and may be accepted in the event that it becomes the highest bid again.

3. Pay

Payment for bids on Stockx can be made via all the major credit cards and PayPal.

En route to Stockx for authentication

If your Stockx order says Item is en route to Stockx for authentication, it means the item has been shipped by the seller to Stockx. Fundamental to how Stockx operates is the authentication of every sold item.

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Sellers ship their sold item to Stockx for authentication, after which they can get paid, and the item forwarded then to the buyer. This serves as a protection for buyers and also the integrity of the platform, to avoid rip-offs by unscrupulous sellers.

How long does it take Stockx to ship

How long does it take Stockx to ship

There are two forms of shipping involved before a bought item from Stockx gets to a buyer. Sellers have 1-5 business days to ship a sold item to stockx for verification, depending on the nature of the item.

Verification at Stockx takes about 1-2days and could be longer if item requires additional verification to certify authenticity. Stockx states that ideally, a bought item should go through the process and be shipped within 7-12 business days to buyer.

Stockx return policy

Due to the anonymity of the Stockx live market, swaps, refunds, or exchanges are not allowed, even if you purchased the incorrect size. If you ended up with an item you no longer want, you are at liberty to sell it on Stockx. Check the process to do this above.

EU or UK residents, however, can exercise their right of withdrawal. This must be done within 14 days after the item is received. The item must be in the same condition as received. If you’re an EU or UK resident who would like to exercise your right of withdrawal, contact StockX support.


Knowing how to cancel stockx order will guide you on how you approach buying and bidding on the stockx platform. Buy or bid with care because of the restrictive nature of cancelling an order on the Stockx website.

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