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Best paying jobs in life insurance in 2022

In the insurance industry, there is employment for practically everyone. The industry may offer a wide range of opportunities for career advancement while needing a wide range of skill sets. that’s why I give you the Best paying jobs in life insurance.

Even better, for obtaining the highest paying employment in life insurance, transferrable skills are usually more crucial than advanced degrees. The sector offers a wide range of professional paths, so your potential earnings will partially depend on which one you pick.

Insurance careers are likely to have a good base salary and several opportunities for career progression.

Best paying jobs in life insurance

Insurance companies invest the money they receive in premium payments to turn a profit. These assets are typically managed by portfolio managers and analysts, who frequently make six figures in salary and bonuses for surpassing performance targets.make money online

Although many of the best-paying jobs in life insurance do not necessitate credentials, advanced degrees or professional certificates like the CFA are necessary.

Let’s discover them right here:

1. Claim Adjuster

Some of the highest-paying positions in life insurance are claim adjusters. As a claims adjuster, you would be responsible for determining the extent of the damages and whether the company should make a payment.

Adjusters may work for an insurance provider or launch their own independent modifying business.

Although wages are frequently good due to the high caliber of the work, the sky is the limit if you can launch your own business. Although these are the most important, insurance covers much more. Insurance is a financial product that must go through complex legal processes.

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If you want to work in the insurance industry and don’t mind receiving additional training, there is a sizable amount of money to be made on the legal and financial sides of the industry.

2. Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is a person with a license who sells insurance, and their options for payment are salary, commission, or both. You can understand why it will be one of the highest paying positions in life insurance from the above.

The average income for white-collar workers will be marginally higher there than it is here. But the real money is in commissions or in opening your own brokerage and hiring salespeople.

We are aware of a few independent insurance brokers that receive commissions in the mid-six figures.

If you have the motivation and are confident in your sales skills, being a broker is a great place to start because there aren’t many barriers to entry. Perhaps more than any other profession, brokers are essential to developing new insurance policies.

They make use of their excellent mathematical background to assist in assessing the costs associated with an accident.

Additionally, there are many prospects for career advancement because several broker occupations are necessary to oversee policy formation and handle daily operations.

3. Actuarial Jobs

One of the highest paying positions in life insurance is an associate actuary. An actuarial associate is a support role that employs pricing and risk assessment to concentrate on assignments with a moderate level of complexity.

They might work with more experienced actuaries to produce probability tables for hazards like natural disasters, unemployment, and other risks. Their annual income ranges from $61,140 to $69,431.

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One of the highest-paying positions in the life insurance industry is an intermediate actuary. Despite the fact that the average actuary starts out with a fairly high salary, an intermediate actuary may be able to perform more difficult actuarial work on their own after accumulating professional experience.

The additional responsibility also comes with a small pay increase. They receive an annual salary of $80,943.

Another profitable position in actuary is a senior executive. All of an organization’s actuarial operations are managed by a senior actuarial executive.

They coordinate the creation of insurance policies and supervise the construction of those policies by subordinates. Their annual income is $330,880 on average.

4. Insurance Underwriting

A person’s risk must be evaluated in order to determine the kind and amount of insurance that person could need. It’s one of the highest-paying positions in the industry.

Experience is largely what determines employment options because of the level of responsibility that comes with underwriting careers.

introductory insurance Early in their careers, insurance underwriters must determine insurance premiums; entry-level underwriters will review medical, legal, financial, and occupational data.

An insurance underwriter’s salary is influenced in part by their industry specialization, such as whether they specialize in life or property insurance. Their annual income ranges from $42,260 to $53,300.

Another position in this field is the manager of underwriting operations. That may involve recommending credit choices and policy changes as appropriate. They receive an annual salary of $109,000.

5. Risk Management

Risk management careers include both looking into the most effective strategies to reduce liability and analyzing current risk management initiatives to look for cost-saving options.

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Therefore, one of the highest-paying positions in life insurance is risk management. Even an entry-level risk management salary is usually difficult to obtain depending on prior experience and future goals.

Conducting and evaluating risk management studies are under the purview of a risk management analyst. Additionally, they investigate asset losses, forecast losses, and explore risk-reduction techniques. Their annual compensation ranges from $67,620 to $72,290.

The Director of Risk Management Directors is in charge of organizing the development of risk management programs for a corporation.

In order to ensure adherence to industry norms and regulatory requirements, they collaborate with lawyers, insurance firms, and people while supervising the development of risk management plans. They receive an annual salary of $136,159.


Insurance product sales on a commission basis present a significant revenue possibility. But as you can see from what we’ve said, positions in the industry frequently pay quite well.

If managing customer contacts and marketing appeal to you, becoming an agent or broker may be your calling. Or if you’re more comfortable using spreadsheets and performing calculations, you could be better off pursuing a career as an actuary or underwriter.

If you find the complexity of the legal system to be fascinating, the legal sector of the industry may be the greatest fit for you. But whichever path you choose, it will surely be fruitful if you land the insurance job you want.

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